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Yellow-throated Warbler (Setophaga dominica)

Genus Setophaga  / Family Parulidae  / Order Passeriformes  / Class Aves  / Phylum Chordata  / Kingdom Animalia

A Yellow-throated Warbler at the Mouth of the Monacacy, Frederick Co., Maryland (5/20/2007). Yellow-throated Warblers nesting in this area are of the White-lored or Sycamore race, Dendroica dominica albilora.

A Yellow-throated Warbler (Yellow-lored subspecies, D. d. dominica) finishing bathing in Caroline Co., Maryland (5/27/2007). Unlike the western shore's Sycamore-loving subspecies, the Eastern Shore's Yellow-throated Warblers are Loblolly Pine specialists. This species is very rare in the county.

Yellow-throated Warbler in Worcester County, Maryland (4/26/2009).

Yellow-throated Warbler in St. Mary's County, Maryland (5/4/2008).

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